The destination

100% Flexibility

Visit Lake Geneva’s shores for a peaceful weekend break or an extended stay to escape the fast-paced hectic day-to-day lifestyles we are all so often subject to.

Here, the lake is akin to an ocean and nature has been preserved to create a happy and harmonious equilibrium. What with the majestic lake and its rolling hills, this unique setting awaits your arrival, for an enjoyable trip with 100% flexibility.

A unique heritage and terroir

Here, art, history and traditions intermix with the Lemanic heritage which you can discover at your own pace by visiting the region’s châteaux, museums and art galleries or by going on guided tours.

In this area, the terroir is fertile and packed full of flavour: the fruit of small-scale producers’ labour which ends up in the restaurants of our inspired chefs, along with the catch of passionate fishermen.

Experiences in the Lake Geneva area

Here you will have the choice of a thousand and one different activities. Allow yourself the time to disconnect and then reconnect, to laze about and share experiences by walking, cycling or going out on a boat or pedalo!



Here, life is good…and full of character!

Choosing Destination Léman and the Lake Geneva area means you can holiday in style, like nowhere else…Welcome!