Domaine de Guidou

This preserved natural site is made up of mosaic of ecosystems which constitute important habitat for numerous species of birds, plants...

This site holds the labels "Natura 2000", "Birds Directive" and "Habitat Directive". The abundant and particular fauna and flora are highly protected. The richness of rare species such as the calamitic toad or wild leopard have been the subject of diagnoses and inventories. The Bois de Buis, called buxaie, is a very beautiful curiosity to discover as well.

Currently owned by the Conservatoire de "l'Espace Littoral et des Rivages Lacustres", the Domaine de Guidou is composed of a mosaic of environments.
In particular, it presents a flooded meadow that is a favorite staging area for many species of waterbirds: shorebirds (barking, sylvain, ass-white, harlequin, etc.), wading birds (Little Egret, Purple Heron or Night Heron, Squacco Heron, etc.), ducks (Northern Shoveler, whistler, winter and summer teal, etc.), passerines (Wagtail, etc.).
The nearby Excenevex-Coudrée beach, whose sandbanks are largely uncovered in the spring when Lac Léman is emptied, completes this stopping-off facility, which is also home to many species of birds: shorebirds, ducks